Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Outsiders Anticipation Guide Response

1. The loss of a family member or close friend, although tragic, can have positive outcomes.

I agree to this statement due to the fact that I have experienced the very same thing. With my mother’s death I moved to Cyprus away from terrible German public schools (with their alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.) and to a wonderful peaceful environment with good books. I also have now no German accented English -which is just dreadful- and speak perfectly normal English. Also losing ones friend can make you get rid of his influence which could be bad but also make you find new friends and adventures. Also losing a family member can make you gain a better life somewhere else or with better care. Many may find it a dreadful thing, which it is, but one can never always fully say that the outcome will be bad.

2. Sometimes violence can be justified.

I also agree to this because if one is beaten at home they sure would have to let their anger out at other people, or maybe their was never anybody to show them how to really behave. Not to forget if one is being misused or bullied it can cause great emotional extremes. For example a person who may be under alcohol influence could do something they later regret or even forget. Being hit at home by your father can make some people retreat into themselves while others may just lash out at other because they never learned anything else. They might find it unjust for it to be happening to them not to others. So yes, sometimes violence can be justified even if it is still wrong.

3. It's easier to make friends with someone very much like yourself, than someone who is very different than you.

This declaration is also true for the reason that if someone loves to party and you don’t I do not believe this is a person you want to hang out with. Not to forget getting them as a friend would be real hard, you would have to act like your someone your not and make sure you do not do something which they hate (such as read books). A person who likes to watch a movie in silence and think about it- like Ponyboy- should have a hard time being friends or becoming friends with someone who talks all the way through the movie. Another thing which makes it hard is that a person who like books would much easier make a conversation, and become friends with another person who also read books instead of a person who loves video games. Even though it might work out making friends with someone who’s not so much like you it is still much easier with someone who is like you, who makes you comfortable and lets you be yourself.