Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gist Statement

It was December in Moscow. One of the coldest places on Earth. In this city, the icy wind chased people into pubs, embracing glasses of vodka. Only some remained. During this cheerless season, the most famous Elderly Home in Russia was heated beyond bliss. Within it housed well-cared for Elders, or so was believed. Ruling over the estate was the Doctor, an ironic man, wild in appearance and character, with a shocking gaudy taste. This had already been the cause of many complains from the Elders. Yet the Doctor always gave a loving smile and said, “Of course madam, everything for your welfare.” The sarcasm was missed.
Then, of course there was the candelabra, the pride and joy of the Doctor. Standing upon the mantelpiece, covered in blood red candles with screaming florescent green crystals. Holders molded into complicated agonized swirls of gold, and above it all the glorified portrait of the Doctor. Sadly no one saw, no one heard, the creak of the candelabra’s turning, the sliding of a wall. Only the Doctor, his faithful assistant Sashkin, and the unlucky Elder upon this night, saw the truth of the matter. Yet this is where the story begins.

Uhov, often taken to the nightly experiments of the Doctor, breaks free from the clutches of Sashkin and escapes. A lone figure in a bleak landscape, he stumbles upon Sasha. Sasha, a reporter, has never had luck in his life yet the night Uhov lands before his feet, he knows he has got the story he was waiting for. Gratitude of a well fed body and believing mind, Uhov tells his story, and the horrors come alive.

Will Sasha find out the truth before Sashkin finds them? Sashkin will do everything to cover his embarrassment of losing Uhov. But is he ready to murder? The clock is ticking as the race begins.

To Sasha’s happiness, it seems as if luck has finally found him and he has no problem to uncover the truth. The Doctor has mishandled the Elders in his home, using them for gruesome experiments of a most evil nature. Alarmed by his find, Sasha notifies the police. The Doctor and Sashkin are put behind bars. The Elders, traumatized by their experience are being helped as much as possible.

Sadly, Sasha is the only one to return to the haunted home. Beholding the candelabra, Sasha smashes against it and the secret entrance behind. Where he is stuck, from now until forevermore.