Thursday, January 13, 2011

Re-writing of TKAM Scene

Atticus had come with that car of his. Quite surprised me cause I was just enjoying my gallon jug of cherry wine when this rumblin’ came from outside. Soon figured it was a car and I thought that that negro be done for it. But all it was, was Atticus. Set himself up all fine nice and dandy with some light and a newspaper. Right in front of that nigger’s cell. And now we’re all jus’ waitin’. I’ve opened my window as wide as it’ll go and can see all of this square just like them hawks.
Well, I sure hope Atticus is reading my Maycomb Tribune. This edition is a fine and nice one, even if I say so myself. Aye, this night will make a good story.
Heck Tate was right about tonight. My nose and my bones are just tellin’ me, there’s something ain’t right! And here I am, with my ramblin’ mind and my gallon jug of cherry wine.
I was just grabin’ for another pull, when I spot some movement down yonder, at the bank. Well and fry me a cootie, ‘em kids of Atticus’ showed up! Just now, seeked right around that corner! And I don’t believe it, they just following Atticu’s light, well, give me some cherry wine! This ain’t good.
‘Em seem puzzled and checkin’ on Atticus he hasn’t noticed a thing! Well, I sure don’t know why he’s risking that neck of his for a negro but I ain’t letting him down. Let’s just hope ‘em kids run off.
And to my luck, they get moving away from Atticus and the light. Just right.
But then I heard it and ‘em kids heard it too. Cars chockin’ themselves down to my square. Well, I just knew trouble had found feet and now these kids gotta make it all the more complicated. Well, no helping now. Atticus don’t look worried nor does he hurry when those men get out of ‘em cars. A whole pack of ‘em, just after that one negro. Well, my double-barrel sittin’ right next to me if they think they can just make trouble…
Well shoot, one of ‘em just asked whether the niggers inside. ‘He is,’ Atticus answered, ‘and he’s asleep. Don’t wake him up.’
Who cares if he’s sleepin’, we just need him and you in one piece, Atticus! That’s when I head that next statement from another one. ‘Get aside from the door, Mr. Finch.’ That got me leaning out the window with my double-barrel, no one knockin’ up Atticus. Not while I’m here. I go him covered.
Just then the men seemed to speak even quieter, but good thing no wind stirred.
‘Heck Tate’s around somewhere,’ Atticus told ’em and I thought good that’ll stump ‘em, but ‘em smart cause Bragg (the one who had an affair with Miss Stephanie, if that ain’t a story) said, ‘Heck’s bunch’s so deep in the woods they won’t get out till mornin’. Called ’em off on a snipe hunt.’
Well, we’ve lost Heck but I’ve got him covered. Atticus got his answer just ready, ‘That changes things doesn’t it?’ ‘It do,’ come form one of ‘em shadows.
And I’ll hurl a spitball, that girl gotta bust outa the shadows, right into the middle of that gang! And her brother followed her along with that runnin’ midget. Now, I ain’t got a clean shot. What in the Sam’s Hill!
‘H-ey, Atticus,’ that girl shrieked.
She’s louder then a shotgun! Well, blow me my rifle! And now they won’t budge. Well, that boy got a stubborn head on him just like Atticus. But anything he says seems to make no difference. Boy wants to stay.
Didn’t surprise me when Bragg tried to drag that boy away. Course got ‘em all covered now. But that girl is just nasty! She kick right in the privates! This is sure turnin’ into some fine story. I can see the Headline, Bragg Cracked by Girl.
Well, Atticus sure is tryin’ with that boy, but he still won’t budge. Why Atticus even pleadin’ with him.
Just took another swing of my cherry wine, since a man pleadin’ with a son ain’t a nice thing to watch, when that girl gets started again.
‘Hey, Mr. Cunningham!’ Lord, she is loud!
‘I go to school with Walter,’ she talks out, ‘he’s your boy, ain’t he? Ain’t he, sir?’
Sure, had me off the chair! What she doin’? What she thinkin’! She talking to him like this is some picnic. Well, lookie at that. All the mouths open, they could catch flies. Even Atticus. ‘What’s the matter?’ she squeaked out. Well, that gal got it going. She as in the dark as ‘em shadows.
And Cunningham bends down, reassures her with an ‘I’ll tell him you said hey, little lady.’ And tells the gang ‘Let’s clear out!’
Gone went those cars, and Atticus looked relieved, but I knew it would end good. Had ‘em covered the whole time. And then that Negro spoke up asking bout ‘em gang.
‘They won’t bother you any more’ was Atticus’ answer. Well, and I could support that one.
‘You’re damn tootin’ they won’t. Had you covered all the time, Atticus.’
That surprised ‘em.
‘Mr. Underwood, you’ve been up there a long time?’ asked Atticus.
‘Yes, sir damn tootin’ right. Even saw ‘em kids come up. Had you all covered,’ I declared.
‘Well, thank you Mr. Underwood.’
‘Ah, no problem Atticus. Jus’ gotta keep ‘em folks in the eye.’ My statement seemed to amuse Atticus.
‘You sure did, Mr. Underwood, you sure did.’
‘Well, Heck’s gonna be just fumin’. ‘Em tricked him.’ I just couldn’t hold that though, made my insides squirm.
‘Yes, indeed. Well thanks again, Mr. Underwood.’
‘Night, Atticus, I’ll keep my eye on that nigger.’
With a nod, Atticus turned and left takin’ ‘em kids with him. Turnin’ to my linotype, I put my double-barrel on the floor and started writin’. The Maycomb Tribune had never been so good before, even if I say so myself.

Character: Mr. Underwood
Scene: Jail Scene, when Atticus guards Tom Robinson
Page: Chapter 15 pgs. 155-161

--The use of the words ‘nigger’ and ‘negro’ are not meant to be offensive in anyway and neither are they my own words. However, they are used by the character in the book To Kill a Mockingbird and thus would be out of character not to use them--