Friday, January 9, 2009

The Day Einstein Came Back

In Ulm, Germany a ghost was staggering about. According to a Professor at the University of Ulm he saw Albert Einstein walking around late at night. “He was just wandering around murmuring something about how the world had changed or he would ratter off a formula without even missing a beat”, said Professor Schneider. No one is sure where the phantom Einstein has gone now (or even if he was ever there) but chemicals have gone missing from the University and smoke puffs sometimes rise out of a cellar. Maybe it’s just an oven or the famous Einstein has come back to dazzle us some more. Welcome Albert Einstein to the year 2009!
Albert Einstein can be recognized by his white, fluffy, crazy hair. He pretty much looks like a scientist whose experiment just exploded. If you sight a man as such please report right away to the Daunting News or the police.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama's Podcast

Title – Barack Obama AV Podcast
Episode – Audio; Barack and Michelle Obama Victory Rally
Date – May 20, 2008
Time – 25:07
Website -

Description of the Episode (from the producers): “Barack Obama's life and times presented in both Portable mp3 Audio & Portable mp4 Video formats. Mastered In High Definition.”

Ever since Barack Obama started running for president elect, the whole world seemed to be turned upside down. America was screaming for change and Obama was just what we all had wished for. I never really watched the news or when some else did I never listened but the moment Obama appeared I was always watching CNN. Before Barack Obama I hated politics. It’s really amazing what just one person can do and that’s why I chose this podcast. In the podcast a woman named Candy Schmieder experienced the same thing as me only many miles away. While I sat staring she took action. In the podcast the opening speech is given by her and gives you a good image off how excited America is and was. Candy says she never could believe that she would be picked to help in the campaign staff for Barack Obama since Candy Schmieder was a normal woman under 30 years old, married, 3 children, and never finished college. Before Obama she was just like me. Candy didn’t like politics, she thought that politicians made it more boring than aught to be, and therefore totally ignored anything happening in Washington; until she heard from Barack Obama. When Candy heard of him, she couldn’t imagine that she would actually be walking around to talk to people, even volunteer in the first place, represent Barack Obama, make phonecalls, donate, or be their on June 14th. The whole reason of Candy doing this was Obama; she was inspired by his words and policy. With that Candy finished her college degree and became an active member in politics. She like many other people in the world also thought of Obama as the perfect next president of the United States of America.

Listening at first to this podcast I though that all I was going to listen to was some lady’s thoughts on Obama. Of course I agreed with her but when she introduced Barack Obama it became great!

Obama coming back to Iowa gives a full speech for all the thousands of people who came out that night, often raising cheers, “Yes, we can” chants, and banging on about change. One of the expressions I like which he used was that it was and had been a long road with bumps along the way, where he had made some mistakes but they had stood by his side, and with that he had thanked so many people for their support. “It’s the same vs. change, the past vs. present” was Obama’s message in that speech giving America its dream: hope.

Many times I had caught glimpses of Obama’s speeches on BBC, CNN, or even on ZDF/ARD but I had never fully heard one of his speeches and just hearing one not as important unlike others still made me aware and amazed me of just how good a president Barack Obama will be. Though there were many stunning things Obama said one other great one was off how he described what change was founding.
“It’s this change which may students stuffs envelopes and knock on doors, made grandparents sit all day and phone with perfect strangers, made woman and men who hardly can pay their bills dig into their saving and write 5 dollars or 10 dollars checks, and letting young folk hope, for a better future and America.”

I encourage anybody who like me never really was interested in politics to have a go at Obama’s speeches for you sure will be standing in your room screaming “Yes, we can!”