Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Outsiders Anticipation Guide Response

1. The loss of a family member or close friend, although tragic, can have positive outcomes.

I agree to this statement due to the fact that I have experienced the very same thing. With my mother’s death I moved to Cyprus away from terrible German public schools (with their alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.) and to a wonderful peaceful environment with good books. I also have now no German accented English -which is just dreadful- and speak perfectly normal English. Also losing ones friend can make you get rid of his influence which could be bad but also make you find new friends and adventures. Also losing a family member can make you gain a better life somewhere else or with better care. Many may find it a dreadful thing, which it is, but one can never always fully say that the outcome will be bad.

2. Sometimes violence can be justified.

I also agree to this because if one is beaten at home they sure would have to let their anger out at other people, or maybe their was never anybody to show them how to really behave. Not to forget if one is being misused or bullied it can cause great emotional extremes. For example a person who may be under alcohol influence could do something they later regret or even forget. Being hit at home by your father can make some people retreat into themselves while others may just lash out at other because they never learned anything else. They might find it unjust for it to be happening to them not to others. So yes, sometimes violence can be justified even if it is still wrong.

3. It's easier to make friends with someone very much like yourself, than someone who is very different than you.

This declaration is also true for the reason that if someone loves to party and you don’t I do not believe this is a person you want to hang out with. Not to forget getting them as a friend would be real hard, you would have to act like your someone your not and make sure you do not do something which they hate (such as read books). A person who likes to watch a movie in silence and think about it- like Ponyboy- should have a hard time being friends or becoming friends with someone who talks all the way through the movie. Another thing which makes it hard is that a person who like books would much easier make a conversation, and become friends with another person who also read books instead of a person who loves video games. Even though it might work out making friends with someone who’s not so much like you it is still much easier with someone who is like you, who makes you comfortable and lets you be yourself.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Ending of A Taste of Salt

Though Djo could only first move his hand and toes he slowly recovered. Jeremie was full of joy and they started a new story of hope. After a while Djo could finally walk again and the two love birds became boyfriend and girlfriend. The life for the Haitians also became better because Titid was an extraordinary president, getting rid of the Macoutes and sending his boys out to change or help people. For the reason that things improved, Jeremie doesn’t leave for France since she would lose Djo and even if he was aloud into France, Djo would never go. He would want to stay in Haiti and help Titid as president, making life better for the whole of Haiti; not just for himself.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hunters become the Hunted

Nothing is as it seems…

Produced in 2006.
Paul McGuigan
Language: English
Actors: Josh Hartnett (Slevin Kalevra), Morgan Freeman (The Boss), Sir Ben Kingsley (The Rabbi), Lucy Liu (Girl Next Door), Stanley Tucci (Detective Brikowski), and Bruce Willis (Mr. Goodkat).

The Thriller Lucky Number Slevin is an exciting movie were because of a confusion between the main character Slevin Kalevra (Josh Hartnett) and his friend Nick Fisher (who always seems to have one foot in the ground), Slevin finds himself between the most infamous crime bosses: The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and the Boss (Morgan Freeman). Not only does Slevin have to fight his way out there but also must be careful because he is being followed by Detective Brikowski (Stanley Tucci) and the legendary assassin Goodkat (Bruce Willis). It is not until very late that the cat becomes the mouse and that’s when everything is turned upside down.

I think that this movie is one of the best thrillers made because everything is so well planned out and connected. 105 minutes of pure action keep you on the edge of your seat and take you into the story of Slevin. I loved how Josh Hartnett made all the emotions seem so real and I believe anyone would congratulate him for it. Josh also showed his dark under current and not to forget his very good looks. Slevin’s struggles, fighting back, and pure intelligence make you adore this suspenseful legend. Not only does his big mouth keep him in trouble but it also makes you laugh. I think that this is a very dynamic and lively tale, which just shows how small the world is. This is also one of those films were at the end you can’t believe how clever it is set up. It is just one of those perfect crime shows which leads you on a wild goose chase.

The plot is very clear even though it leaves clues all over the place the yarn still keeps its mystery. I encourage children under 13 not to watch Lucky Number Slevin because of its violence but for an adult and teenager it is just right. It is just like Alan Frank from the Daily Star said,” Utterly Unmissable. 10 out of 10.” I totally agree for this thriller lays out how much unfairness and revenge there is in the world.

One of the main emotions shown is vengeance. For the once tied crime bosses split up and now have started a raging war across town. They lock themselves up into skyscrapers across each other and try everything to make the other fall. Because of their fighting both lose many important people in their life causing a killing atmosphere. Another strong emotion is love. Love between Slevin and his family make this movie take form and it all plays back to one day, to one pure brutal act.

One thing which marks Slevin is when he says, “I’m just a guy who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.” This displays his character and actions for he has loads of bad luck. If it wouldn’t be such a Tom & Jerry game between him and the two crime bosses he would probably have other problems with his terrible fate.

The lighting in this suspenseful story is very good and the setting always fits with the mood, such as a bright cheerful room when the Girl next door comes in (Lucy Liu) or a darker room when the boss comes along. The music is also remarkable because one can relate to the feelings of the scene. Even though the songs in Lucky Number Slevin were not extra written for it, it still all fits to the scenes. One famous song, which has a very meaningful role, is the Kansas City Shuffle by JR where you look left; they go right; to the Kansas City Shuffle.

One very cute thing Slevin says is, “I think I caught a pigtail.” Meaning I think someone is following me such as the cops. Another thing which is very noticeable is the fact that Detective Brikowski is always fuming and trying very hard from not letting a gang war break out between the Boss and the Rabbi.

Many may say that this tale strips the world down to it bad sides and makes you wonder how strongly horrific humanity is. Another thing Slevin declares is, “People are connected by the slightest of events.” Of course through his fight he finds his only love but peace doesn’t fill Slevin until each and every one of them dies who destroyed his life. Many may say this murder secrecy has a very violent side or like my father says, “Too much loathing in ones heart can cause people to fall like flies.” But I still encourage you to watch this movie for even after you have finished watching, it will still be playing around in your mind. For one thing that this fairy-tale makes you ask is how long does the feeling for punishing someone last? And how far would you go to revenge everything you ever loved?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Desideria Bernardine Eugénie Désirée Clary

Queen of Sweden

Désirée was born on November 8th, 1777 in Marseille, France. Her father was a prosperous silk maker and trader called François Clary and her mother was Françoise Rose Somis (second wife of Désirée’s father). Désirée had one sister called July Clary who married Joseph Bonoparte (brother of Napoleon). July became Queen of Naples and Spain while her husband became King during the rule of Napoloen. Nicholas Joseph Clary was Désirée’s brother, who married Anne Jeanne Rouyer. His daughter was named Zénaïde Françoise Clary. She married the son of Marshal Berthier, Napoléon Berthier de Wagram, 2nd Duc de Wagram. All in all Désirée was married into and came from a gracious family.
Désirée’s full name was Bernardine Eugénie Désirée Clary. It said that she was Napoleon’s first love but when he left for Paris he asked Joséphine Bonoparte to marry him instead of Désirée. After that Désirée travelled with her sister July and brother-in-law to their many houses in France and Europe. During 1796-1797 Désirée lived in Italy and when she finally returned to France she met the French general Marshal Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte. On the 16th of Augst, 1789 Désirée married him at Sceaux. Jean Baptiste became governor of Hanover in 1804 until 1805. In 1806, he was also made Prince of Pontecorvo and turned out to be one of the best generals of the french Napoleonic army. In 1810 Jean Bapiste became sucessor to the Swedish throne and also to the Norwegian throne in1814 after a sucessful battle. He became King in 1818 and ruled until 1844 when he died on March 8th. Jean Baptiste changed his name then from Marshal Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte to Charles XIV John (Karl Johan). During his reign Désirée became the Queen Consort with the name Desideria. Together they had only one son called Oscar who became King after his father’s death. His title was King Oscar I of Sweden and Norway.
Désirée first came to Sweden in 1810 but did not like for first of all it was too cold and she was also treated badly by the court. Mostly by the Queen Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp. The only friendly person was the very old dowager queen Sophia Magdalena of Denmark. It is said that Désirée acted “spoiled” and did not try to be liked. She soon left in 1811 with the name “Countess of Gotland” (Gotland is a small island in the Beltic Sea). Désirée got this name because of her health problems. With her departure she left her small son Oscar and Jean Baptiste alone in Sweden and went back to Paris. She resided in Paris for 12 years. Whenever someone would ask her about Sweden she would say,”Do not talk with me of Sweden, I get a cold as soon as I hear the word.” Even though Jean Baptiste begged for Désirée to come back she would not so he was forced to take a mistress called Mariana Koskull.
It was not until 1823 that she went back to Sweden. Along with Oscar’s (Désirée’s son’s) bride called Josephine of Leuchtenberg. In 1829 Désirée was crowned and during the 1830s she truly tried her best at being queen. It is said that there were more balls and parties than during the reign of the crazy King Gustav III of Sweden. But yet she could not become happy and soon gave up trying to act as the Queen. Before long Désirée desired to go home to France but Jean Baptiste would not allow it. Thus she never turned out to be liked nor did she try to learn Swedish. After the death of her husband it is said that Désirée became peculiar. She would get up when others slept and drive through the streets of Stockholm without any reason. Just before she died on December 17th, at the age of 83, Désirée entered a box at the opera reserved for her where the concert had just finished. In 1860 Bernardine Eugénie Désirée Clary died in Stockholm.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

During bad traffic yesterday in Nicosia on Athalassa street a robbery was under go. Drivers could witness how a small pet shop on the corner of Athalassa was stolen of one of its newly born puppies which are of a pure hunting breed. The robber was not found until the Police switched on the SGWD (Secret Gang for Whiskery Dilemma). According to General Headstrong, (see below) the bandit was a monkey which was supposedly ordered to under go the theft by the TBS (Transatlantic Banana Syndicate).

(Only existing picture of General Headstrong)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anticipation Guide Response

Agree or Disagree
1) Politics and political problems are a subject for adults to deal with
I disagree to this statement because even though adults may have more experience than young people, we still have ideas and what is if we do not like the choice the older people made? I think teenagers should be able to have a say because adults might see it from one perspective while we may see it from another view. Thus I believe young people should also participate in political matters for the choice the adults make may be against/suppress our rights and ideas. One way though young adults participate in politics is by student council for we organize, decorate, and form the ideas of the Middle School.

2) All stories can have a happy ending if those involved work towards it.
I agree with this prompt because like Mariam said nothing is impossible and if you work hard to change things in your life (like relationships, grades, and make families more bearable) then it will become a happy ending. Of course fate or luck play a big role in this ( if were born into the connections or not) but I think even if you really want something and be positive about it then even you can change your destiny.

3) Literacy (being able to read) is a form of freedom.
I agree with this statement because reading gives you the key to knowledge, to another person’s life, world, or thoughts. Reading can give you so much and even create feelings such as, love, hate, or sadness that being able to read anything you like can give you a sensation of freedom. Of course books are not the same as a car but with books one can read or not read this book, one can believe, or not believe. There are a number of things which can give you a sense of freedom and still the author can write what he wants, so you can either read it or you get another book, finding freedom there.

4) Civilizations without a written language cannot document history.
With this prompt, I disagree because maybe the civilization or people did not right it down but they could have left paintings, pictures, or portraits of what happened and we would have an idea what had happened in that culture. Another way they could have recorded there history is verbally. I have heard of many societies that had wards or poets retell and memorize stories of people which made up the history. The tales were handed down from generation to generation never to be forgotten. I think it is possible because history does not have to be written down to be memorized and recited.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Warning! Ms. Kate is rocking her Vacation!

Ms. Kate did the unbelievable in her vacation. I though she would go to Scotland and go biking (that’s what she said she would do) but no! I got the shock of my life on the 12th of August when I bought the Cyprus Mail in the scorching heat of Cyprus. Ms. Kate was on the front page standing next to a huge white furl ball of some kind of animal, which was five times bigger than her! Grinning she was holding up her clarinet as in triumph. The background was a bleak landscape with snow everywhere and a gigantic mountain range behind her. Ms. Kate’s face was glowing red from the cold and she was packed into an elegant fur coat which susceptibly looked like it was made out of wolf fur. All I could do was gape at the newspaper standing under the blazing sun with 42 degrees Celsius while Ms. Kate,my crazy (it seems) clarinet/music teacher is in heaven with -25 degrees Celsius. It was unfair! But what I read under the photo made my blood run cold. I could see the whole story through her eyes, how she planned it and made her discovery….
Ms.Kate’s Journal
(30th of June: 12:00 am)
Laura is driving me to the airport in Larnaca where I will start my way to Nepal to achieve the impossible! My plan is to land in Nepal tomorrow at 3:05 pm and then take the bus to the Himalayas. I will then find my hotel named, “Everest’s Best” which is a 5 star hotel (I must have some luxury before I set out for the wilderness).With my clarinet in tow and my waterproof rain jacket I think I am all set! I will climb Mount Everest and be the first person to make it under 40 days! My only worry is where I could find a dog sled to reach the base of Mount Everest.
(4th of July: sometime between 10am and 12pm)
I have just now reached the base of Mount Everest. The dogs are exhausted and so am I. Finding a dog sled was not as hard as I thought for I only asked the receptionist in the hotel, she made a few phone calls for me, and hired a dog sled! I must say I had my doubts that in 3 days time these dogs which only seemed to be made of fur, mussel, and bone would get me to the base of Mount Everest. But they did! The leader of the pack is a female half husky, half wolf called, “Frost” who really seemed to understand my haste for she and I made the whole pack run for a whole day in full speed. The second day was a little bit harder going for the snow was very uneven! Today something in the remaining dead trees made the pack nervous for they went of their course by a whole degree. It took me a while to get them to go back on course for something kept on moving next to us. It is still bothering me now but I will play some clarinet to lessen my tension.
(6th of July: 9 am)
I have left the dogs at a little shed by the base of Mount Everest. They seemed a little bit worried but I gave them no notice. I didn’t quite understand what made them so panicky but I soon found out. After about an hour of walking I notice that something was stalking me. First I though it was just one thing but it turned out to be a whole pack. I turned around and barked orders out that the dogs should go back to the shed. But the shadows kept on creeping closer. That’s when the first one appeared and the muscels of my neck stiffened. It was a whole pack of wolfs! The leader snarled and attacked. I can’t say how I got my Swiss knife out but the next thing I know is that the wolf wines and the whole pack runs away with the leader limping. I hope I never have to do that again! But yet I finally know what made the dogs so anxious.
(20th of July:6pm)
I am now half way up on Mount Everest. Yet still I have the feeling that something is following me. Whenever I look into the distance behind me, a piece of whiteness seems to move. I think my eyes are going weird but yet I can’t shake the feeling off. The landscape is rapture especially when the sun shines on the sparkling white snow where the flakes look like crystals. Every were you look it is white and the only sound disturbing the eerie silence is the crunching of my furred lined boots on the snow. I can’t say I miss the heat of Cyprus for I am in harmony in this haven.
(31st of July: 2am)
Sound of feet approaching woke me up. But when I gathered all my courage and looked outside there was nothing other than whiteness. Ever since then I can’t sleep for I am now sure that the sense that something was following me has been confirmed. I am not alone in this glowing world. Mount Everest is 8,848 meters high and I have climbed three quarters of the way. What sort of person would follow me to this height? Or was it even a person but a monster? No blizzard has hit me yet but the temperature has sunken to –56 degrees Celsius and yet even though I find it cruel I have put on my wolf fur. For all I can hope is that this phenomenon leaves me alone for it must be something not normal. Oh, if only it would show itself. This is ruining my vacation of action (yet peaceful)!
(9th of August: 3 pm)
I have reached the top! Mahahahaha! This must be a Genus record to have climbed Mount Everest in 37 days! To celebrate this victory I must play my clarinet! I haven’t played for ages! (If my students would know that!) Larghetto 2nd movement for the Clarinet rang over the range of the Himalayas in a world of pureness. Yet I wasn’t alone. Just as I wanted to start Beethoven a wave of snow sprayed out on to me. How could I have missed the quick shuffling of feet? There it was my stalker. But yet I could not help but jump back with a muffled scream. With at least 6 meters a huge ball of white fur stood in front of me. Intelligent but yet fierce eyes shown out green from the chalk white coat. With an elegant bow the great beast bowed and said, “My name is Yareb,” “hope you don’t mind my asking but what is that beautiful sound you are making?” I was too stunned to answer. I gave myself a minute and got a grip on myself. “I was playing my clarinet but what in the world are you?” Yareb seemed puzzled at the question and said, “What do you mean?” “Haven’t you ever heard of a Snow Monster?” I stared at him. Lowering my head I started from his feet to his head. Massive arms with powerful legs. The hands had about 5 cm long claws and the feet seemed to be made of steal. Yes, Yareb was bloodcurdling but yet his manner was so sweet and polite that I smiled. Yareb grinned back with sharp fangs. “You look like a snow monster but you’re character isn’t mean,” I said, “Let’s take a picture and then I will leave.” Yareb placed himself next to me while I set up my camera. Holding up my clarinet I beamed while Yareb smirked. “It was nice to meet you…” “Kate my name is Kate.” “Kate Jarrold.” “It was nice meeting you, Kate. "It was nice meeting you too!” That’s when our paths took different routs. While he ran east I turned south downhill. I strapped on my snowboard and parachute ready for a fast downhill ride. Never would anyone believe me I thought but yet I had the picture. That was my vacation for I had climbed Mount Everest and discovered that the Snow Monster existed!

I don’t know how Ms. Kate did that but if she does something wild every summer, what did she do last year? Oh, dear I don’t think I want to know. I already feel dizzy.She actually snowboarded all the way down of Mount Everest... Ms. Kate had a vacation of action and what did I do? I swam thinking all my teachers were having a boring summer but it seems they know better the meaning of fun…

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tokio Hotel!!!

Tokio Hotel is a German band which was made in Magdeburg, Germany in 2001 by Bill Kaulitz (the singer), Tom Kaulitz (guitarist and brother), Gustav Schäfer(drummer), and Georg Listing(bassist). They have made four number one singles including “Durch den Monsun”,”Schrei”, und “1000 Meere”. Tokio Hotel also made two number one albums in Germnay selling almost 5 million CDs and DVDs there. Their first German album was Schrei and their second album was Zimmer 483 which was realease near the end of 2007.The album Scream (Schrei) reached the top twenty in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Their first english album Scream was due to come out on April 29th, 2008 in the USA but it had to be postponed because of Bill’s operation on his vocal cords. The type of style they sing is Emo/Glam rock which now that I listen to it is starting to become very cool.
The group was founded by the two twin Kaulitz brothers, Gustav Schäfer, and Georg Listing. They met in 2001 after a live show in a Magdeburg Club. Listing and Schäfer knew each from music school and listen while Bill and Tom sang on stage. Under the name of Devilish the four started playing in shows and small concerts. After Bill participated in 2003 by the children’s Star Search he lost in the quarter-final but was yet found by producer Peter Hoffman. The group then changed their name from Devilish to Tokio Hotel. In the German language Tokyo (the capital of Japan) is written Tokio. They called it like this because of their love for the city and also because they love hotels. The four musicians got a contract with Sony BMG but just before their first album Sony BMG canceled the contract. In 2005, the Universal Music Group gave Tokio Hotel a contract and made a marketing plan. Tokio Hotel has now become one of the greatest bands from Germany.
Bill Kaulitz is the lead vocalist of the band and was born on the 1st of September 1989 along with his twin brother Tom. They were born in Leipzigwhich is in the east of Germany. The twin brothers mother and father are Simone (a freelance tailor) and Jörg. At the age of seven the parents divorced and their mother remarried Gordon Trümper, a guitarist from the rock band Fatun. Bill’s and Tim’s stepfather inspired the two to begin their music careers. Bill began writing songs at the age of seven with Tom.
Tom Kaulitz is the lead guitar player and is 10 minutes older than his borther. He is at the moment using Gibson guitares.
Georg Listing is the bass guitar and was born on the 31st of March 1987. He began playing bass when he was twelve and at the moment uses a Sandberg bass. His hometown is Magdeburg and according to Georg his playing was influenced by Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Gustav Schäfer plays the drums and was born on the 8th of September 1988 in Magdeburg. He has been playing the drums sine the age of six. Gustav has one older sister and his musical influences are Metallica, Joe Cocker, and Rod Stewart.

Here is a list of Studio Albums from Tokio Hotel:

  • Screi which was realesed in 2005 with Universal (Scream)

  • Screi-so laut du kanst was realesed in 2006 with Universal. This album is a re-recording of Screi.(Scream-as loud as you can)

  • Zimmer 483 was realeseed in 2007 with Universal.(Room 483)

  • Scream/Room 483 was realesed in 2008 with Universal which was their 1st English singing album.

    Some of their singles include:

  • Durch den Monsun (Through the Monsun or the English version Monsoon)

  • Screi (Scream)

  • Rette mich (Save me)

  • Der letzte Tag/ Wir schliessen uns ein (The last day/ We are locking ourselves in)

  • Uebers Ende der Welt (Over the End of the World)

  • 1000 Meere (1000 Seas)

  • Spring Nicht (Don’t Jump)

  • Monsoon

  • Ready, Set, Go!

  • An deiner Seite/By your side

  • Scream

  • Don’t Jump

  • Heilig (Holy)

    Tokio Hotel has received many wards. These are all the awards they have gotten. The most recent one was The Best New Artist award where whole Germany is so proud of.
    In 2005 the band received:

  • Best Newcomer / Super Comet from the Comet Awards on the 06.10.2005

  • Best Newcomer from the Eins Live Krone on the 24.11.2005

  • Best Pop National Act from the Bambi Awards on the 01.12.2005

  • Best Single / Best Pop/Rock Band 2005 from the Golden Penguin in 2005
    In 2006 Tokio Hotel received:

  • Album of the year / Band of the year / Song of the year - ‘Der Letzte Tag’ from the Golden Penguin on the 8.02.2006

  • Ausverkaufte Tourhalle from the Sold-out-Award of Königpilsen Arena on the 11.03.2006

  • Best Newcomer from the ECHO Awards on the 12.03.2006

  • Best Newcomer from the Steiger Awards on the 25.03.2006

  • Best Pop National Act from the Bambi Awards on the 30.11.2006
    In 2007 Bill, Tom, Georg, und Gustav received:

  • European Border Breakers Award from the NRJ Awards on the 21.01.2007

  • Best Video National from the ECHO Awards on the 25.03.2007

  • Best Video / Best Band / Supercomet from the Comet Awards on the 03.05.2007

  • Most Successful Popgroup International from the Goldene Stimmgabel Awards on the 03.10.2007

  • Best International Act from the MTV EMA Music Awards on the 01.11.2007
    In 2006 they received:

  • Best International Band from the NRJ Music Awards on the 26.01.2008

  • Best Music Video from the Echo Awards on the15.02.08

  • Best Band/Best Live Act/Best Video/Super Comet from the Comet Awards on the 23.02.2008

  • Best New Artist from the MTV VMA Music Awards on the 7.09.2008

The music that best coincides with my personal culture are very slow songs. Since I lost a lot of things and felt a lot of pain slow songs bring me into peace and yet they do not disturb my thoughts. I think slow music also gives me a time to be sad for the rest of the time I’m hyper and diving in with the 6th gear.

The function of music in my live is to make me both relax and concentrate. The best way for me to relax and not get angry is to either listen to Mozart or put in Tokio Hotel to give my anger air. For if I keep my anger in and never leave it out (I never show my anger) then one day I’ll just burst and scream at the person who just annoyed me. Then I feel sorry for the person because they said one little thing and not a whole month of rudeness. That is properly the main purpose of music for my life. Just to give me some time for me.

The music that used to best appeal to me was R&B. Since R&B is both slow and yet fast. But now that I’ve become a teenager my music taste changed rapidly. I still listen to slow songs but the style of music I like best now is rock. Whether it is rock, glam rock, metal rock or whatever other kinds of rock there are. Rock gives me a good feeling because unlike slow songs it burns my anger, muffles annoying sounds (my dad speaking), and drowns my thoughts. This is the reason I like Tokio Hotel is because first of all it is the first German band which isn’t just popular in Germany but around the whole world. Another reason is it is also the first German band which isn’t embarrassing because Tokio Hotel makes really good music. I also really like this band because it is Glam rock and Emo. I really used to like emo hair styles and I had one myself but that was in 6th grade when I was an unsure 6th grader. No, I like Tokio Hotel now because it’s in my mother language and I can really relate with Bill when he sings sad songs which somehow end up rocking at the end. Let’s take Schrei for example it is sad but yet it has a fast beat! The first song they made (Durch den Monsun) was my favourite song for a long time until 1000 Meere came out. 1000 Meere (1000 Seas) is very sad if you can understand the text but yet it has a powering beat, that is why it’s my favourite song. I also love the video clip because it shows how the frail, lonely, and dark the world can be.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Tell-Tale-Heart

The video clip I liked best was the 3rd video clip because it gave you a yet funny but grasping summary of the story. It was also short and it made you sit upright in your chair thus I had to listen twice before I could totally grasp what the audio was. Another reason that I liked it was that it was not as creepy and matter-of-fact as the 2nd video clip. The 1st video clips got too long, boring, and hard to follow after a while and that is why I totally take it out of my choices. Therefore I find that the 2nd video clip would be of best help for a reader to understand the story. For the video clip is not too long, neither is it too short. It in addition gives you a detailed summary of the story and it gives you the feeling, images, and character of the madman. Another reason I find this video clip better than the others is because it is so realistic the way the madman looks, how he sees the murder, and his careful operations. I think the most part why I find the 2nd video clip better is because of its scary setting, character, and images which makes the story come more alive so that you can really picture it in your mind. This video clip made the hair of the back of my neck stand up straight and I was jumpy for the rest of the evening! For not only was the man a madman but a man with acute senses and a witty brain.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rare Me!

(The weird Sar Bear)

What makes me unique is my dirty humour and my special laugh. Whenever someone feels sad I cheer them up with a good laugh and a big bear hug. I can’t say I have a best friend for I like everyone because they are all special. I have many nicknames for with every new grade I get a weirder personality. One of my nicknames is Tomato for if I run for 15 minutes my head turns as redder than a tomato. Other nicknames follow such as Lol girl, Sar bear, and Care bear. The problem is I find myself pretty boring but another rare thing about me is I guess my caring heart.
Last year laughter filled the halls. It was dreadful laugh for it sounded like a tractor trying to turn on or a siren going off for when I start laughing I can’t stop! I asked a lot of people what makes me fascinating and most of them said your farm or laughter. I find my laughter much more unique for many people have farms but a laugh like a siren doesn’t come very often. I believe that a theme that describes me is good moods, smiling faces and a having a shrill laugh. This year I haven’t laughed yet but maybe it will come. For you must say its pretty funny that a girl has a laugh like a siren.