Monday, April 27, 2009

The Superlative Break

In the first week of the Easter Break I was having a great time between my sofa, bike, and pool. Most of the villagers in Pyrga were fast asleep or eating Suvla, thus no sound disturbed the beautiful bliss of the afternoon heat. One could have run around naked, nobody would have noticed. Hours spent on my bike allowed me drink in the green of the fields and enjoy gardens in full boom with varieties of flowers. Days seemed to melt into one another.
Around Tuesday my aunt and I dyed eggs, decorating the baskets they would lay in. We put up Easter figures such as chicks or bunnies. Even pots were graced with new inhabitants. One of the great things of Easter is the Easter hunt! I don’t think I will ever grow out of that. Searching for chocolate eggs, baskets of dyed eggs, chocolate bunnies, and books which I will be getting for Easter. I received five books which I quickly set out to crack, putting me into a profound trance of reading in an incomprehensible state for most of my family members.
In the second week I was quite annoyed at having no more books to read and thus I started to go online most of the time. By the end of that week I was superlative with Windows Vista and short-cuts on the computer. I even started to train my computer to follow my orders through speaking. It is quite fun and handy. Though after a while even the Internet became bored and my bicycle had a flat tire causing me to start active playing with my dogs. ‘Fetch’ became quite popular and sometimes all five dogs would bark at me incoherently that I could only guess what my dogs wanted. Usually it meant they were having fun or that they were irritated that I had stop running. Not often could I really figure out the meaning of their yapping but I found it rather amusing.
One thing I have to admit though is that sometimes quiet fears would creep into my mind that Mr.White might have posted some new homework on our class sites causing me to check these websites like a maniac. But all in all it was an absolutely perfect Easter Break.