Friday, January 9, 2009

The Day Einstein Came Back

In Ulm, Germany a ghost was staggering about. According to a Professor at the University of Ulm he saw Albert Einstein walking around late at night. “He was just wandering around murmuring something about how the world had changed or he would ratter off a formula without even missing a beat”, said Professor Schneider. No one is sure where the phantom Einstein has gone now (or even if he was ever there) but chemicals have gone missing from the University and smoke puffs sometimes rise out of a cellar. Maybe it’s just an oven or the famous Einstein has come back to dazzle us some more. Welcome Albert Einstein to the year 2009!
Albert Einstein can be recognized by his white, fluffy, crazy hair. He pretty much looks like a scientist whose experiment just exploded. If you sight a man as such please report right away to the Daunting News or the police.

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