Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sin Condomo

Here it is again, the shock. Now that we do finally have a German Pope, who not only was a member of the Hitler youth but also one who sets the right rules! On his first travel to Africa, Benedict XVI, declared that condoms are “the wrong tool to avoid AIDS.” In his experience taking cold showers help just as well, which is what our young Catholic Boy Scouts Campers are already learning. “Controlling oneself helps and abstinence is the surest way of protection.” Well, you may be very good at that Pope, but us common folks don’t really want to take cold showers, you know? Of course that caused quite a steer within the midst of our World of Media. “Wait, hold on did he just say…” “Yep, he sure did.” “Oh dear, I bet that’s not going to go down so…” “….Yeah, maybe someone should…” “Way no, he’s going to put us out of business!” Forget it, that’s my comment. And the French number one condom producer thought so too. Not too soon, what did we find on our condom packages? A lovely picture of Pope Benedict XVI in full glory, where every time you are about to use proper protection (heaven safe us) you first have to rip of his head (Amen). Sure is a fine way to make people use condoms (perfect advertising there pope!) but I don’t think Pope Benedict XVI is too happy about that. Since it’s a sin, it shouldn’t really display the Pope smiling, greeting the mass of faithful ones, yelling “I said NO!”

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Linnea said...

you should see what Philip DeFranco has to say about that! :)