Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Anticipation Guide

1) The key to all emotional healing can be found in nature.


2) Nature is filled with harsh cruelties.


3) A person's priorities should place family before work.


4) Enjoying life is more important than pursuing fame, glory, and



--Our parents always want us to become something better, greater. They tell us to hang in there, put in one more hour, one more day. Yet as we run after our newest assignment, or later on in life, after a bigger pay check, we never sit back and think: For what are we doing this? Why are we running around like chickens with their heads cut off, for more money? We could blame it on our parents. Sure. We could blame it on society. No problem.

Why is it so important for our society today to be famous, to be on a big screen or be a billionaire? It’s like the old Greek heroes who ran to their deaths, for “glory” and “fame”. But is that really what gives you joy in life?

Since our lives are so short, we should value them the most we can. That means that we should live the way we want to live, do the things we want to do, and not run after something which will only cause us more grief. There’s always going to be someone there with a bigger pay check then you. That’s why life should be about living your dreams, and having fun. What if fame only brought you despair and problems, would you call that ‘enjoying your life’?

I know that some people measure other people on how much knowledge they have acquired over the years and if they “know anything about the world”. But though knowledge is important, I think that we shouldn’t treat life like a huge puzzle we have to figure out. I think it’s something every single person should handle the way they want and not what society wants from us. A life without happiness would be misty and grey. What would the pay check help, if you were somewhere where you didn’t want to be?

We all look for meaning in life, and often we lose ourselves on the path. That’s why it is important to enjoy it while you have it. Because trust me, life’s shorter then you think.

5) Those born with social and financial advantages have a responsibility

for those who are not.


6) Ignorance is bliss.


7) The pursuit of knowledge is a volatile quest.


8) Someone's ego will cause a tragic fall.


9) Children learn their behaviours by watching and mimicking adults.


10) Most people are basically cruel.


--A baby is born. It looks upon its mother’s face and sees for the first time pure love. This tender affection practically radiates of the mother, and the child understands it. As the child grows it is cherished, held closely, for a mother’s love is free. The child knows it and radiates back this tender love between mother and child. Then the child becomes a teenager and contempt rises in his standing and eyes. However there is love always hidden inside him whenever looked closely.

We are not born evil and as my example shows, if nurtured and kept, that little flame of love will stay. However, what would happen if this child was neglected, left alone, beaten, or even orphaned? You think that the child then would show any sort of mercy for other human’s feelings and possessions?

There are many factors which can make a person cruel, and it may not be a person’s childhood. Maybe they become greedy, lose friends, or seek revenge. Maybe they have been shunned so often by society, that in order to protect themselves, they rebuke it with cruelty. I think that there is a glimpse of truth in every person, one just has to look. To say that humans are naturally cruel is like the pot calling the kettle black.

The problem is that polite and loving people don’t end up in the news or are remember in ballads. It is the evil king or monster which we will remember. That is why it may seem that the world is crawling only with cockroaches and evil beings. But looking at it as a whole, I think that the World has a pretty even balance between cruel and loving people.

11) Society makes a person whatever he becomes.


12) The "disenfranchised man," who finds himself unable to live within

society for whatever reason, is someone for whom we should feel sympathy or



13) Rejection and mistreatment can manifest themselves in a person

becoming rage-filled.


14) If a person or an animal is treated with cruelty, he will respond to

others in the same way.


15) Those people we deem "monsters" in today's society are merely



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Debra said...

Hi - I enjoyed reading your responses to Frankenstein's anticipation guide. I teach 12th grade students, and I thought they would enjoy your responses as well. Plus I am hoping to get them to write as well. Is this blog a part of a course? I noticed that most of the responses are to literature. If so, I'd love to know more about how to start a blog for my own students. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Debra