Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Real and Fake Emotion Show

I like the book more than the movie. First of all, the book gives you more information and a feel for the characters while the film doesn’t even introduce each character, leaving you… I also found that while the book’s scenes flowed, the movie snapped from action to action, never really letting you know where you were right then. For example, I didn’t like how one second Johnny and Ponyboy were on the train and suddenly they are in the old church. Also when Johnny and Ponyboy are originally in the burning church but abruptly they are in an ambulance makes it all choppier. A fact that’s frustrating is how everything is so well painted out in the book while the movie is a hollow frame of a great story. What annoyed me the most was that the film makers left good and important scenes out like the reporters at the hospital- which gives us a very colourful image of Sodapop’s personality-, Ponyboy being jumped, Ponyboy being sick, the trial, and when he is told off by his teacher. These scenes all gave me a better hold on the story and connections with the events. The main reason why I like the book better is the fact that we know Ponyboy’s thoughts and feelings whereas the movie is like a person showing you snapshots of a tragic story. The Outsiders movie is sometimes like a sculpture, cold; unemotional. In the book, the Greasers are tuff and real hoods.

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