Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shabanu Anticipation Guide

1) It is possible to experience love at first sight.

I disagree with this statement for first of all one could not fall in love with a person by just setting eyes on them. A person could find them attractive (and even get a crush) but one could not feel love. People of can through the beauty they see, find a character very like their own or to their liking so thus they would start to love this person. I have read in several books how “Love enters by the eyes and also leaves by the eyes” but this does not mean to me that falling in love can happen at “first sight”. It seems impossible to me. Loving a person indicates that you know their defects and characteristics but you can not identify these things through mere appearance for looks are deceiving.

2) Two complete strangers stuck on a deserted island could learn to love one another (and yes, stay with one another after being rescued).

I agree to this declaration since on a lonely Island you depend on each. The man needs the skilled hands of a woman and the woman needs the brutal strength of men. Also, after a while a place without anybody else makes you focus on the other person and soon you will start loving. Even if this is not very likely I still find it can happen for the reason that these two strangers could not be so different from each other. They might even be attracted by each other the first time they see one another. Who knows! But even after leaving that deserted Island you would be attached to one another. Hardship and tough experiences had been shared which could brand one another into each other. Love is a tricky thing for it is very hard to predict.

3) It is a good thing to sacrifice your happiness for the desires of others.

I disagree; happiness in life is needed to keep you going and make it more joyful. To sacrifice your enjoyment is making you neglect yourself. How can you live without bliss? The desires of others (or their hopes) may be important but it will not be them who have to live your life. Let’s take an arranged marriage for example; your parents chose the perfect man for you in their eyes, marrying him would make their day but would they have to live with him? Talk to him? Serf him? Bear him children? It is not right to give up something so little but yet so important. Of course there is an exception. If a sacrifice would make another person glad and in the long run makes you therefore happy then this would of course be a good surrender. For you would not really sacrifice your cheerfulness since you would gain it back soon with their contentment.

4) Women in your society are free citizens.

I disagree with this announcement for if you look here in Cyprus, it is a very man dominated world. Woman nearly are never respected here for even if they say something intellectual their man will still scorn them (either for speaking or thinking I’m not quite sure yet) and woman are often just oppressed. Also here, I don’t think one would really vote a woman as president (even if our Cypriot classmates do not support this theory). Another thing in Cyprus which is also does not support this statement is the treatment of the Asian and Philippine people. A Chinese woman is not paid the same fee as a Cypriot woman to clean a house (a Cypriot woman wouldn’t even clean the house in the first place) and sometimes these fees are so low it’s unbelievable! At Frederick University a Philippine woman who cooks there for Mr. Frederick is paid 1 pound an hour. Also immigrants here are oppressed too (woman or man) which totally makes the woman in my society not free citizens.

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