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Tokio Hotel!!!

Tokio Hotel is a German band which was made in Magdeburg, Germany in 2001 by Bill Kaulitz (the singer), Tom Kaulitz (guitarist and brother), Gustav Schäfer(drummer), and Georg Listing(bassist). They have made four number one singles including “Durch den Monsun”,”Schrei”, und “1000 Meere”. Tokio Hotel also made two number one albums in Germnay selling almost 5 million CDs and DVDs there. Their first German album was Schrei and their second album was Zimmer 483 which was realease near the end of 2007.The album Scream (Schrei) reached the top twenty in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Their first english album Scream was due to come out on April 29th, 2008 in the USA but it had to be postponed because of Bill’s operation on his vocal cords. The type of style they sing is Emo/Glam rock which now that I listen to it is starting to become very cool.
The group was founded by the two twin Kaulitz brothers, Gustav Schäfer, and Georg Listing. They met in 2001 after a live show in a Magdeburg Club. Listing and Schäfer knew each from music school and listen while Bill and Tom sang on stage. Under the name of Devilish the four started playing in shows and small concerts. After Bill participated in 2003 by the children’s Star Search he lost in the quarter-final but was yet found by producer Peter Hoffman. The group then changed their name from Devilish to Tokio Hotel. In the German language Tokyo (the capital of Japan) is written Tokio. They called it like this because of their love for the city and also because they love hotels. The four musicians got a contract with Sony BMG but just before their first album Sony BMG canceled the contract. In 2005, the Universal Music Group gave Tokio Hotel a contract and made a marketing plan. Tokio Hotel has now become one of the greatest bands from Germany.
Bill Kaulitz is the lead vocalist of the band and was born on the 1st of September 1989 along with his twin brother Tom. They were born in Leipzigwhich is in the east of Germany. The twin brothers mother and father are Simone (a freelance tailor) and Jörg. At the age of seven the parents divorced and their mother remarried Gordon Trümper, a guitarist from the rock band Fatun. Bill’s and Tim’s stepfather inspired the two to begin their music careers. Bill began writing songs at the age of seven with Tom.
Tom Kaulitz is the lead guitar player and is 10 minutes older than his borther. He is at the moment using Gibson guitares.
Georg Listing is the bass guitar and was born on the 31st of March 1987. He began playing bass when he was twelve and at the moment uses a Sandberg bass. His hometown is Magdeburg and according to Georg his playing was influenced by Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Gustav Schäfer plays the drums and was born on the 8th of September 1988 in Magdeburg. He has been playing the drums sine the age of six. Gustav has one older sister and his musical influences are Metallica, Joe Cocker, and Rod Stewart.

Here is a list of Studio Albums from Tokio Hotel:

  • Screi which was realesed in 2005 with Universal (Scream)

  • Screi-so laut du kanst was realesed in 2006 with Universal. This album is a re-recording of Screi.(Scream-as loud as you can)

  • Zimmer 483 was realeseed in 2007 with Universal.(Room 483)

  • Scream/Room 483 was realesed in 2008 with Universal which was their 1st English singing album.

    Some of their singles include:

  • Durch den Monsun (Through the Monsun or the English version Monsoon)

  • Screi (Scream)

  • Rette mich (Save me)

  • Der letzte Tag/ Wir schliessen uns ein (The last day/ We are locking ourselves in)

  • Uebers Ende der Welt (Over the End of the World)

  • 1000 Meere (1000 Seas)

  • Spring Nicht (Don’t Jump)

  • Monsoon

  • Ready, Set, Go!

  • An deiner Seite/By your side

  • Scream

  • Don’t Jump

  • Heilig (Holy)

    Tokio Hotel has received many wards. These are all the awards they have gotten. The most recent one was The Best New Artist award where whole Germany is so proud of.
    In 2005 the band received:

  • Best Newcomer / Super Comet from the Comet Awards on the 06.10.2005

  • Best Newcomer from the Eins Live Krone on the 24.11.2005

  • Best Pop National Act from the Bambi Awards on the 01.12.2005

  • Best Single / Best Pop/Rock Band 2005 from the Golden Penguin in 2005
    In 2006 Tokio Hotel received:

  • Album of the year / Band of the year / Song of the year - ‘Der Letzte Tag’ from the Golden Penguin on the 8.02.2006

  • Ausverkaufte Tourhalle from the Sold-out-Award of Königpilsen Arena on the 11.03.2006

  • Best Newcomer from the ECHO Awards on the 12.03.2006

  • Best Newcomer from the Steiger Awards on the 25.03.2006

  • Best Pop National Act from the Bambi Awards on the 30.11.2006
    In 2007 Bill, Tom, Georg, und Gustav received:

  • European Border Breakers Award from the NRJ Awards on the 21.01.2007

  • Best Video National from the ECHO Awards on the 25.03.2007

  • Best Video / Best Band / Supercomet from the Comet Awards on the 03.05.2007

  • Most Successful Popgroup International from the Goldene Stimmgabel Awards on the 03.10.2007

  • Best International Act from the MTV EMA Music Awards on the 01.11.2007
    In 2006 they received:

  • Best International Band from the NRJ Music Awards on the 26.01.2008

  • Best Music Video from the Echo Awards on the15.02.08

  • Best Band/Best Live Act/Best Video/Super Comet from the Comet Awards on the 23.02.2008

  • Best New Artist from the MTV VMA Music Awards on the 7.09.2008

The music that best coincides with my personal culture are very slow songs. Since I lost a lot of things and felt a lot of pain slow songs bring me into peace and yet they do not disturb my thoughts. I think slow music also gives me a time to be sad for the rest of the time I’m hyper and diving in with the 6th gear.

The function of music in my live is to make me both relax and concentrate. The best way for me to relax and not get angry is to either listen to Mozart or put in Tokio Hotel to give my anger air. For if I keep my anger in and never leave it out (I never show my anger) then one day I’ll just burst and scream at the person who just annoyed me. Then I feel sorry for the person because they said one little thing and not a whole month of rudeness. That is properly the main purpose of music for my life. Just to give me some time for me.

The music that used to best appeal to me was R&B. Since R&B is both slow and yet fast. But now that I’ve become a teenager my music taste changed rapidly. I still listen to slow songs but the style of music I like best now is rock. Whether it is rock, glam rock, metal rock or whatever other kinds of rock there are. Rock gives me a good feeling because unlike slow songs it burns my anger, muffles annoying sounds (my dad speaking), and drowns my thoughts. This is the reason I like Tokio Hotel is because first of all it is the first German band which isn’t just popular in Germany but around the whole world. Another reason is it is also the first German band which isn’t embarrassing because Tokio Hotel makes really good music. I also really like this band because it is Glam rock and Emo. I really used to like emo hair styles and I had one myself but that was in 6th grade when I was an unsure 6th grader. No, I like Tokio Hotel now because it’s in my mother language and I can really relate with Bill when he sings sad songs which somehow end up rocking at the end. Let’s take Schrei for example it is sad but yet it has a fast beat! The first song they made (Durch den Monsun) was my favourite song for a long time until 1000 Meere came out. 1000 Meere (1000 Seas) is very sad if you can understand the text but yet it has a powering beat, that is why it’s my favourite song. I also love the video clip because it shows how the frail, lonely, and dark the world can be.

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