Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anticipation Guide Response

Agree or Disagree
1) Politics and political problems are a subject for adults to deal with
I disagree to this statement because even though adults may have more experience than young people, we still have ideas and what is if we do not like the choice the older people made? I think teenagers should be able to have a say because adults might see it from one perspective while we may see it from another view. Thus I believe young people should also participate in political matters for the choice the adults make may be against/suppress our rights and ideas. One way though young adults participate in politics is by student council for we organize, decorate, and form the ideas of the Middle School.

2) All stories can have a happy ending if those involved work towards it.
I agree with this prompt because like Mariam said nothing is impossible and if you work hard to change things in your life (like relationships, grades, and make families more bearable) then it will become a happy ending. Of course fate or luck play a big role in this ( if were born into the connections or not) but I think even if you really want something and be positive about it then even you can change your destiny.

3) Literacy (being able to read) is a form of freedom.
I agree with this statement because reading gives you the key to knowledge, to another person’s life, world, or thoughts. Reading can give you so much and even create feelings such as, love, hate, or sadness that being able to read anything you like can give you a sensation of freedom. Of course books are not the same as a car but with books one can read or not read this book, one can believe, or not believe. There are a number of things which can give you a sense of freedom and still the author can write what he wants, so you can either read it or you get another book, finding freedom there.

4) Civilizations without a written language cannot document history.
With this prompt, I disagree because maybe the civilization or people did not right it down but they could have left paintings, pictures, or portraits of what happened and we would have an idea what had happened in that culture. Another way they could have recorded there history is verbally. I have heard of many societies that had wards or poets retell and memorize stories of people which made up the history. The tales were handed down from generation to generation never to be forgotten. I think it is possible because history does not have to be written down to be memorized and recited.

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