Monday, September 8, 2008

Rare Me!

(The weird Sar Bear)

What makes me unique is my dirty humour and my special laugh. Whenever someone feels sad I cheer them up with a good laugh and a big bear hug. I can’t say I have a best friend for I like everyone because they are all special. I have many nicknames for with every new grade I get a weirder personality. One of my nicknames is Tomato for if I run for 15 minutes my head turns as redder than a tomato. Other nicknames follow such as Lol girl, Sar bear, and Care bear. The problem is I find myself pretty boring but another rare thing about me is I guess my caring heart.
Last year laughter filled the halls. It was dreadful laugh for it sounded like a tractor trying to turn on or a siren going off for when I start laughing I can’t stop! I asked a lot of people what makes me fascinating and most of them said your farm or laughter. I find my laughter much more unique for many people have farms but a laugh like a siren doesn’t come very often. I believe that a theme that describes me is good moods, smiling faces and a having a shrill laugh. This year I haven’t laughed yet but maybe it will come. For you must say its pretty funny that a girl has a laugh like a siren.

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