Friday, September 12, 2008

The Tell-Tale-Heart

The video clip I liked best was the 3rd video clip because it gave you a yet funny but grasping summary of the story. It was also short and it made you sit upright in your chair thus I had to listen twice before I could totally grasp what the audio was. Another reason that I liked it was that it was not as creepy and matter-of-fact as the 2nd video clip. The 1st video clips got too long, boring, and hard to follow after a while and that is why I totally take it out of my choices. Therefore I find that the 2nd video clip would be of best help for a reader to understand the story. For the video clip is not too long, neither is it too short. It in addition gives you a detailed summary of the story and it gives you the feeling, images, and character of the madman. Another reason I find this video clip better than the others is because it is so realistic the way the madman looks, how he sees the murder, and his careful operations. I think the most part why I find the 2nd video clip better is because of its scary setting, character, and images which makes the story come more alive so that you can really picture it in your mind. This video clip made the hair of the back of my neck stand up straight and I was jumpy for the rest of the evening! For not only was the man a madman but a man with acute senses and a witty brain.

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