Monday, September 15, 2008

Warning! Ms. Kate is rocking her Vacation!

Ms. Kate did the unbelievable in her vacation. I though she would go to Scotland and go biking (that’s what she said she would do) but no! I got the shock of my life on the 12th of August when I bought the Cyprus Mail in the scorching heat of Cyprus. Ms. Kate was on the front page standing next to a huge white furl ball of some kind of animal, which was five times bigger than her! Grinning she was holding up her clarinet as in triumph. The background was a bleak landscape with snow everywhere and a gigantic mountain range behind her. Ms. Kate’s face was glowing red from the cold and she was packed into an elegant fur coat which susceptibly looked like it was made out of wolf fur. All I could do was gape at the newspaper standing under the blazing sun with 42 degrees Celsius while Ms. Kate,my crazy (it seems) clarinet/music teacher is in heaven with -25 degrees Celsius. It was unfair! But what I read under the photo made my blood run cold. I could see the whole story through her eyes, how she planned it and made her discovery….
Ms.Kate’s Journal
(30th of June: 12:00 am)
Laura is driving me to the airport in Larnaca where I will start my way to Nepal to achieve the impossible! My plan is to land in Nepal tomorrow at 3:05 pm and then take the bus to the Himalayas. I will then find my hotel named, “Everest’s Best” which is a 5 star hotel (I must have some luxury before I set out for the wilderness).With my clarinet in tow and my waterproof rain jacket I think I am all set! I will climb Mount Everest and be the first person to make it under 40 days! My only worry is where I could find a dog sled to reach the base of Mount Everest.
(4th of July: sometime between 10am and 12pm)
I have just now reached the base of Mount Everest. The dogs are exhausted and so am I. Finding a dog sled was not as hard as I thought for I only asked the receptionist in the hotel, she made a few phone calls for me, and hired a dog sled! I must say I had my doubts that in 3 days time these dogs which only seemed to be made of fur, mussel, and bone would get me to the base of Mount Everest. But they did! The leader of the pack is a female half husky, half wolf called, “Frost” who really seemed to understand my haste for she and I made the whole pack run for a whole day in full speed. The second day was a little bit harder going for the snow was very uneven! Today something in the remaining dead trees made the pack nervous for they went of their course by a whole degree. It took me a while to get them to go back on course for something kept on moving next to us. It is still bothering me now but I will play some clarinet to lessen my tension.
(6th of July: 9 am)
I have left the dogs at a little shed by the base of Mount Everest. They seemed a little bit worried but I gave them no notice. I didn’t quite understand what made them so panicky but I soon found out. After about an hour of walking I notice that something was stalking me. First I though it was just one thing but it turned out to be a whole pack. I turned around and barked orders out that the dogs should go back to the shed. But the shadows kept on creeping closer. That’s when the first one appeared and the muscels of my neck stiffened. It was a whole pack of wolfs! The leader snarled and attacked. I can’t say how I got my Swiss knife out but the next thing I know is that the wolf wines and the whole pack runs away with the leader limping. I hope I never have to do that again! But yet I finally know what made the dogs so anxious.
(20th of July:6pm)
I am now half way up on Mount Everest. Yet still I have the feeling that something is following me. Whenever I look into the distance behind me, a piece of whiteness seems to move. I think my eyes are going weird but yet I can’t shake the feeling off. The landscape is rapture especially when the sun shines on the sparkling white snow where the flakes look like crystals. Every were you look it is white and the only sound disturbing the eerie silence is the crunching of my furred lined boots on the snow. I can’t say I miss the heat of Cyprus for I am in harmony in this haven.
(31st of July: 2am)
Sound of feet approaching woke me up. But when I gathered all my courage and looked outside there was nothing other than whiteness. Ever since then I can’t sleep for I am now sure that the sense that something was following me has been confirmed. I am not alone in this glowing world. Mount Everest is 8,848 meters high and I have climbed three quarters of the way. What sort of person would follow me to this height? Or was it even a person but a monster? No blizzard has hit me yet but the temperature has sunken to –56 degrees Celsius and yet even though I find it cruel I have put on my wolf fur. For all I can hope is that this phenomenon leaves me alone for it must be something not normal. Oh, if only it would show itself. This is ruining my vacation of action (yet peaceful)!
(9th of August: 3 pm)
I have reached the top! Mahahahaha! This must be a Genus record to have climbed Mount Everest in 37 days! To celebrate this victory I must play my clarinet! I haven’t played for ages! (If my students would know that!) Larghetto 2nd movement for the Clarinet rang over the range of the Himalayas in a world of pureness. Yet I wasn’t alone. Just as I wanted to start Beethoven a wave of snow sprayed out on to me. How could I have missed the quick shuffling of feet? There it was my stalker. But yet I could not help but jump back with a muffled scream. With at least 6 meters a huge ball of white fur stood in front of me. Intelligent but yet fierce eyes shown out green from the chalk white coat. With an elegant bow the great beast bowed and said, “My name is Yareb,” “hope you don’t mind my asking but what is that beautiful sound you are making?” I was too stunned to answer. I gave myself a minute and got a grip on myself. “I was playing my clarinet but what in the world are you?” Yareb seemed puzzled at the question and said, “What do you mean?” “Haven’t you ever heard of a Snow Monster?” I stared at him. Lowering my head I started from his feet to his head. Massive arms with powerful legs. The hands had about 5 cm long claws and the feet seemed to be made of steal. Yes, Yareb was bloodcurdling but yet his manner was so sweet and polite that I smiled. Yareb grinned back with sharp fangs. “You look like a snow monster but you’re character isn’t mean,” I said, “Let’s take a picture and then I will leave.” Yareb placed himself next to me while I set up my camera. Holding up my clarinet I beamed while Yareb smirked. “It was nice to meet you…” “Kate my name is Kate.” “Kate Jarrold.” “It was nice meeting you, Kate. "It was nice meeting you too!” That’s when our paths took different routs. While he ran east I turned south downhill. I strapped on my snowboard and parachute ready for a fast downhill ride. Never would anyone believe me I thought but yet I had the picture. That was my vacation for I had climbed Mount Everest and discovered that the Snow Monster existed!

I don’t know how Ms. Kate did that but if she does something wild every summer, what did she do last year? Oh, dear I don’t think I want to know. I already feel dizzy.She actually snowboarded all the way down of Mount Everest... Ms. Kate had a vacation of action and what did I do? I swam thinking all my teachers were having a boring summer but it seems they know better the meaning of fun…

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